Switch Touch

A unique usability in the mobile world

The Switch Touch Laavor brings light to your application.

About Current Version

- Update.

About Previous Version

- Add new DesignType "Shinning".
- Add new ColorUI "BlueDark", "GreenDark", "Aqua", "Tan", "GreenDarkness", "BlueViolet".
- Add new ColorUI "OrangeLight" and "YellowDark".
- Add new ColorUI "GrayLight" and "RedLight".
- It is necessary to change the import tag in xaml to "clr-namespace:LaavorCheckBoxRadio;assembly=CheckBoxRadio" and Using Laavor; to Using LaavorCheckBoxradio; in .cs file, making it possible to integrate with other Laavor packages.


<lv:SwitchTouch x:Name="swfirst" ColorUI="Orange" ChangeState="Swfirst_ChangeState" />

File .cs event:
private void Swfirst_ChangeState(object sender, EventArgs e)
   SwitchTouch sw = (SwitchTouch)sender;
   if(sw.State == State.On)
      stackFirst.BackgroundColor = Color.FromHex("#FFFF00");
      imgFirst.IsVisible = true;
      lblFirst.IsVisible = true;
      stackFirst.BackgroundColor = Color.FromHex("#000000");
      imgFirst.IsVisible = false;
      lblFirst.IsVisible = false;

With a single tag you can create a checkbox.

This version in the latest 2019 of Visual Studio, if there is any difficulty put via NugetPackage directly in your project and use the tag.

Xamarin.Forms in version



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