Rating Letter

Easy to use you only need inform number letters

As a single tag you have the rating.

About Current Verion


About Previous Version

Added new Vivacity "Down".
BackGroundColorSelect and BackGroundColorDeselect are been discontinued use now "ColorUIVoted" and "ColorUIUnVoted" in RatingLetter/RatingNumber.
TextColorSelect and TextColorDeselect are been discontinued use now "TextColorVoted" and "TextColorUnVoted".
- IndexSelected, OnSelect now are [DEPRECATED] and will be removed soon, added field "IndexVoted" and event "Voted".
- Add new Item in VivacitySpeed "LessSlow".
- Add new Item in Depth "Small".
- Add new Properties Vivacity, Depth, VivacityMode, VivacitySpeed.
- Add AnimationEffect "Increase".
- Add new property AnimationEffect with possible values(Standard, Rotation, Jump).
- Add new property AnimationSpeed that changes animation speed when selecting an item.
- Correction in Value and Letter when rating was deselected it was incorrect.
- Adding a new field "IndexSelected".
- Add new property AnimationDesign in RatingLetter which animates the letters when selecting, your options are (SingleItem, AllSelected, None).
- Add new properties FontFamily and FontType.
- Add new property 'Letter' with current selected letter.
- It is necessary to change the import tag in xaml to "clr-namespace:LaavorRatingSwap;assembly=RatingAndSwap" and Using Laavor; to Using LaavorRatingSwap; in .cs file, making it possible to integrate with other Laavor packages.

- Event OnSelect can now be added with '+=' in Code Behind.


<lv:RatingLetter ItemsNumber="7" SpaceBetween="5" InitialValue="2" LetterFontSize="15" BlockSelect="True" OnSelect="RatingLetter_OnSelect" />

File .cs event:
private void RatingLetter_OnSelect(object sender, EventArgs e)
   RatingLetter ratingLetter = (RatingLetter)sender;
   DisplayAlert("Value", ratingLetter.Value.ToString(), "Ok");

This version in the latest 2019 of Visual Studio, if there is any difficulty put via NugetPackage directly in your project and use the tag.

Xamarin.Forms in version



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