Radio Button

A unique usability in the mobile world

Radiobutton Laavor brings dynamism to the application, you can load data with MVVM Observablecollection or Simple list of an object.

About Current Version

Add new DesignType "Leaflet".

About Previous Version

Fixed initial selection, Fix for text touch using IsReadOnly. Fixed InitialIndex and InitialValue operation, improved operation not to give intermittent errors.

- Fixed InitialIndex and InitialValue operation, improved operation not to give intermittent errors.
- Added new DesignType "Tile". Fixed issue with TouchType property. The default for TouchType becomes "WithText", for Vivacity "Decrease".
- The properties "Vivacity" and "Depth" in RadioButton.
- The DesignType "Smoke" is now in High Definition.
- The DesignType "StampFilled" is now in High Definition.
- The DesignType "StampFit"is now in High Definition.
- Add new Properties Row and Col in RadioItem and RowField And ColField in RadioButton to create the items in columns.
- Correction of color tones BlueSky.
- Improvement in Design "Filled".
- Correction of color tones Orange.
- Correction of color tones Yellow.
- High Definition Special Edition - Add new DesignType "Allonsy".
- Correction and improvement in Design "Fit" and correction in color tonality(Yellow, Orange) in same design.
- Improved RadioButton resolution in style "Smoke" and correction in color tonality(BlueSky) in the same style. Correction of radiobutton spacing.
- Improved CheckBox resolution in style "Standard".
- Correction in Design Design "Smoke" drawing making it more visible in the RadioButton. Behavior adjustment when handling checkbox and radiobutton loading.
- Add new DesignType "StampFit". Corrections in the colors (BlueLight, BlueSky, GreenLight, YellowLight), adjustment in the click of the yellow radio in the Standard design that was not working.
- Add new DesignType "StampFilled".
- Add new DesignType "Smoke".
- Add new properties IsReadOnly, InitialIndex, InitialValue and new field IndexSelected.
- Add new DesignType "Filled".
- It is necessary to change the import tag in xaml to "clr-namespace:LaavorCheckBoxRadio;assembly=CheckBoxRadio" and Using Laavor; to Using LaavorCheckBoxradio; in .cs file, making it possible to integrate with other Laavor packages.

- DesignTypeRadio is discontinued use DesignType.

- Event OnChangeSelected can now be added with '+=' in Code Behind.
- Add new colors (Brown, Purple, Turquoise, PinkLight, BlueSky) to CorlorUI.


You can choice more than one desing for a while (Fit and Standard)

This example shows the MVVM binding syntax. {Binding .} is the BindingContext with a list of objects, you can use ValueField and TextField to load items with text and value.
To see better download the example.
<lv:RadioButton x:Name="radioMVVMTAndListType" WidthItem="25" HeightItem="25" ColorUI="Black" ValueField="ID" TextField="Product" ListItems="{Binding .}" Orientation="Horizontal" >

This example shows how to fill in the data via xaml.
<lv:RadioButton x:Name="radioXAMLType" WidthItem="25" HeightItem="25" ColorUI="Blue" TextColor="Blue" OnChangeSelected="radioXAMLType_OnChangeSelected" />
     <lv:RadioItem Text="Nicole Kidman" Value="Gorgeous" />
     <lv:RadioItem Text="Liv Tyler" Value="Wonderful" />
     <lv:RadioItem Text="ChloĆ« Grace Moretz" Value="Beautiful" />

File .cs event:
private void radioXAMLType_OnChangeSelected(object sender, EventArgs e)
   RadioButton radio = (RadioButton)sender;
   DisplayAlert(radio.TextSelected, radio.ValueSelected, "OK");

This version in the latest 2019 of Visual Studio, if there is any difficulty put via NugetPackage directly in your project and use the tag.

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