Input with Image

Input/TextBox internal with Image(User image and Default Image).

About Current Version 1.1.0

- Added new Vivacity "Right", Fixed Vivacity in InputImage.


You can easily create with several options.
<lv:InputImage Image="find.png" Margin="15,15,0,0" Side="Left" WidthInput="250" />
<lv:InputAutoImage Margin="15,15,0,0" Side="Right" IconType="Star" ColorIcon="YellowDark" BorderColor="YellowDark" WidthInput="200" />

All examples are projects of the Xamarin platform with the component already with "dll" available. They are intended for those who already know how to work with the Framework and have Microsoft's Visual Studio installed, you can download Laavor components via or the package manager.



Available in pdf

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