Icon Button Fit

Beautiful and easy icon and button to use in your application

For now available only the color blue

About Current Version

- Update.

About Current Previous Version

- Add Vivacity, VivacitySpeed, Depth.
- Add new IconType "FolderOpen".
- Add new IconType "Keyboard", "Person", Property UseClickEffect and event Clicked are now [DEPRECATED], use UseTouchEffect and Touched.
- Add new IconType "ArrowUp", "ArrowDown".
- Add new IconType "Flag", "ArrowLeft", "ArrowRight".
- Add new ColorUI "Black".

- Add new Property "Yellow".

- Add new Property "Orange".
- Add new Property "ColorUI" with Color Purple.
- Add new IconTypes (SearchLeft, Heart).
- Add new IconTypes (Box, Eye).
- Add new IconTypes (Sphere, Star).
- Add new IconTypes (Plus, Subtraction).


<lv:IconButtonFit IconType="Copy" UseClickEffect="False" IsReadOnly="False" />
<lv:IconButtonFit IconType="Like" UseClickEffect="True" />

With a single tag you can create a Icon Button Fit.

This version in the latest 2019 of Visual Studio, if there is any difficulty put via NugetPackage directly in your project and use the tag.

Xamarin.Forms in version



Available in pdf

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