Choice Image

Choice Image, an easy and cool component to use.

Now with Multiple, can be multiple chosen.

About Current Version

- Update.

About Previous Version

- Added [NEW COMPONENT] Choice Image Multiple

- Added new Vivacity "Left", added new property "VivacitySpeed"
- Add new Vivacity "Down"
- Add new Vivacity "Rotation"
- Add new Vivacity "Jump"
- Add new Properties Vivacity and Depth
- Add new Property "InitialValueChosen" to set a preselected chosen by value.
- Add new Property "InitialIndexChosen" to set a preselected chosen by index.
Add Method "ResetAll()" it removes the images and clears selection states, need to insert ChoiceImageItem again into the code-behind.


You can easily create a selection sequence with several options.

<lv:ChoiceImage x:Name="teste" Margin="50,0,50,0" HeightItems="50" WidthItems="45" OrientationChoice="Vertical" Height="120" Width="50" BackgroundColorChosen="Blue" >
<lvc:ChoiceImageItem Image="CasparDavidFriedrich.jpg" /> <lvc:ChoiceImageItem Image="LeonardodaVinci.jpg" /> <lvc:ChoiceImageItem Image="Monet.jpg" /> <lvc:ChoiceImageItem Image="PieterBruegel.jpg" /> <lvc:ChoiceImageItem Image="Rafael.png" /> <lvc:ChoiceImageItem Image="Ticiano.jpg" /> <lvc:ChoiceImageItem Image="VanGogh.jpg" /> </lvc:ChoiceImage >

This example use vertical and horizontal alignment, in addition to merging Accordion and ButtonConception.
The images are inside android project Resources/drawable.

This version in the latest 2019 of Visual Studio, if there is any difficulty put via NugetPackage directly in your project and use the tag.

Xamarin.Forms in version