Button Image

An easy to create an image button with or without text.

About Current Version

- Update.

About Previous Version

- Added new Vivacity "Right".
- TextColor now is type "ColorUI" Add new VivacitySpeed "LessSlow", the Clicked[Deprecated] event was removed, AnimationType[Deprecated] was removed.
- Add new property Depth "Small".
- Add new property "VivacitySpeed".
- Add Vivacity "Left".
- Add Vivacity "Rotation".
- The DesignType "StampFilled" in CheckBox is now in High Definition.
- Add new Properties Vivacity and Depth, AnimationType is now Deprecate for now as there is no equivalent for all the clicks the two forms work, but if there is vivacity the new one prevails.
- Add new Event Touched, the old Clicked event will be discontinued in future releases.
- Add new AnimationType "ToUpReturnMedium".
- Add new AnimationType "ToUpReturnSmall".
- Add new AnimationType ToBottomReturnLarge.
- Add new AnimationType ToBottomReturnMedium.
- Error correction when the IsReadOnly property is bound before the AnimationType.
- Add new AnimationType ToBottomReturnSmall.


An easy and practical button image. You can add text automatically and use ready-made animations, you just have to choose.
Contains several properties ColorUI, Width, Height, TextColor, FontType (None, Italic, Bold), FontFamily, FontZise and anothers.

<lvButtonImage x:Name="btnEdison" Margin="15,10,15,0" Image="lamp.png" AnimationType="DecreaseMedium" Width="65" Height="75" Clicked="btnEdison_Clicked" />

The images are inside android project Resources/drawable.

This version in the latest 2019 of Visual Studio, if there is any difficulty put via NugetPackage directly in your project and use the tag.

Xamarin.Forms in version



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