Component videos not released

Components ready and not listed in videos "Swap Label Multiple", "Choice Word Swap", "Choice Word Swap Multiple", "Choice Image Multiple", "CollapseBox".

"Swap Image Multiple" - "Rating" - "Choice Image Swap" - "Choice Image Swap Multiple"

The first component of the video is Swap Image Multiple, you touch the image to replace it, the amount is unlimited, in this example you use photos that represent the seasons, the SIM has the option to include a different label for each photo.
New Rating with images already included (Star Heart, Square) with various designs and different colors the rest is similar to the image including the animation.
Choice Image Swap, each step image contains two possible images, while selecting one changes the selection to this one.
Choice Image Swap Multiple, similar to the previous one with the differential that it is possible to make multiple selections.
Everyone contains the event for each click.

"Title" - "ColoredBox" - "Choice Word Multiple" - "Divider"

Title, a different way to display a header, alternate designs and colors.
Choice Word Multiple you can select multiple items at the same time, in the example I used the selection process to assemble the ColoredBox rows.
ColoredBox a kind of content list, being possible to include anything in each line. Contains several colors each items contains a separator line. The Button is the one already known.
In this case I used the Divider with a kind of title to give the hint of its usability, this component was exposed in another video already released.

"Image Navigator" - "Content navigator" - "Rating Image Multiple"

Image Navigator, similar to the swap with arrows for navigation and a box to place the image, the arrows have different colors and designs.
Content navigator, same as the operation of the image but can be used for any kind of content buttons, images, texts, etc.
Rating Image Multiple, each voting index has two images selected and not selected, in the video I used numbers from 1 to 7 in image form and "Shenlong" balls when voted.

"Input With Label" - "Input Auto Image" - "Input Image" - "Button Conception Image"

Input With Label, a textbox with the possibility of placing a side text automatically, either to the right or left side or both.
Input Auto Image, a textbox with an internal image that is in a ready-made list already ready with several colors.
Input Image, a textbox with the possibility of adding an internal image, is provided by the user being totally dynamic.
Button Conception Image, a button that receives a user icon to fit it in. In the example I used a floppy disk (Save Pattern).