Swap Label JS

Easily change text with one touch and change color and background to enhance user usability

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Example Code

You can use any HTML tag except for "IMG", in this example it is a "DIV", but it can be "SPAN", "P", "H1", "H2" among others with a event using a property 'commandEvent'..

Just add the class "laavorSwapLabel" by putting the basic properties the Swap is ready practical and easy to use, a unique syntax and ease in javascript.

<div class="laavorSwapLabel" id="swapLabel" firstText="Your Text" secondText="Laavor is awesome!" firstTextColor="#D8D8D8" secondTextColor="#C80000" firstBorderColor="#787878" border="1" secondBorderColor="#880000" firstFontSize="35px" secondFontSize="35px" firstBackgroundColor="#FFFFF" secondBackgroundColor="#FFFFFF" > </div>

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