Radio Button

A unique usability in the mobile world

Radiobutton Laavor brings dynamism to the application, you can load data with MVVM Observablecollection or Simple list of an object.

About Current Version 5.3.0

- Added new DesignType "Tile". Fixed issue with TouchType property. The default for TouchType becomes "WithText", for Vivacity "Decrease".

About Previous Version

- The properties "Vivacity" and "Depth" in RadioButton.
- The DesignType "Smoke" is now in High Definition.
- The DesignType "StampFilled" is now in High Definition.
- The DesignType "StampFit"is now in High Definition.
- Add new Properties Row and Col in RadioItem and RowField And ColField in RadioButton to create the items in columns.
- Correction of color tones BlueSky.
- Improvement in Design "Filled".
- Correction of color tones Orange.
- Correction of color tones Yellow.
- High Definition Special Edition - Add new DesignType "Allonsy".
- Correction and improvement in Design "Fit" and correction in color tonality(Yellow, Orange) in same design.
- Improved RadioButton resolution in style "Smoke" and correction in color tonality(BlueSky) in the same style. Correction of radiobutton spacing.
- Improved CheckBox resolution in style "Standard".
- Correction in Design Design "Smoke" drawing making it more visible in the RadioButton. Behavior adjustment when handling checkbox and radiobutton loading.
- Add new DesignType "StampFit". Corrections in the colors (BlueLight, BlueSky, GreenLight, YellowLight), adjustment in the click of the yellow radio in the Standard design that was not working.
- Add new DesignType "StampFilled".
- Add new DesignType "Smoke".
- Add new properties IsReadOnly, InitialIndex, InitialValue and new field IndexSelected.
- Add new DesignType "Filled".
- It is necessary to change the import tag in xaml to "clr-namespace:LaavorCheckBoxRadio;assembly=CheckBoxRadio" and Using Laavor; to Using LaavorCheckBoxradio; in .cs file, making it possible to integrate with other Laavor packages.

- DesignTypeRadio is discontinued use DesignType.

- Event OnChangeSelected can now be added with '+=' in Code Behind.
- Add new colors (Brown, Purple, Turquoise, PinkLight, BlueSky) to CorlorUI.


You can choice more than one desing for a while (Fit and Standard)

This example shows the MVVM binding syntax. {Binding .} is the BindingContext with a list of objects, you can use ValueField and TextField to load items with text and value.
To see better download the example.
<lv:RadioButton x:Name="radioMVVMTAndListType" WidthItem="25" HeightItem="25" ColorUI="Black" ValueField="ID" TextField="Product" ListItems="{Binding .}" Orientation="Horizontal" >

This example shows how to fill in the data via xaml.
<lv:RadioButton x:Name="radioXAMLType" WidthItem="25" HeightItem="25" ColorUI="Blue" TextColor="Blue" OnChangeSelected="radioXAMLType_OnChangeSelected" />
     <lv:RadioItem Text="Nicole Kidman" Value="Gorgeous" />
     <lv:RadioItem Text="Liv Tyler" Value="Wonderful" />
     <lv:RadioItem Text="ChloĆ« Grace Moretz" Value="Beautiful" />

File .cs event:
private void radioXAMLType_OnChangeSelected(object sender, EventArgs e)
   RadioButton radio = (RadioButton)sender;
   DisplayAlert(radio.TextSelected, radio.ValueSelected, "OK");



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