Icon Button Standard

Beautiful and easy icon and button to use in your application

About Current Version 1.9.0

- Add new ColorUI "Orange"

About Previous Version

- Add new ColorUI "Yellow"
- Add new IconTypes (FolderClose, FolderOpen)
- Add new IconTypes (Keyboard, Person)
- Add new IconTypes (ArrowUp, ArrowDown).
- Add new IconTypes (ArrowLeft, ArrowRight).
- Add new IconTypes (Heart, Flag).
- Add new IconTypes (Eye, Box, SearchLeft).
- Add new IconTypes (Star and Sphere).


You can choice two colors for a while (Green and Blue)
<lv:IconButtonStandard IconType="Copy" ColorUI="Blue" UseClickEffect="False" IsReadOnly="False" />
<lv:IconButtonStandard IconType="Like" ColorUI="Green" UseClickEffect="True" />

With a single tag you can create a Icon Button Standard.



Available in pdf

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