Group Box

A beautiful, elegant and easy-to-use Groupbox with incredible convenience, with multiple colors in title available.

This example in video contains the "Divider Laavor" not yet available, an elegant and easy-to-use element.

About Current Version 1.7.0

- Correction and improvement in Design "Standard".

About Previous Version

- Add new DesignType "Filled".
- Add new Property "BorderContentColor".
- Add new DesignType "Fit".
- Add new properties HeightBarTitle and DesignType with items (Standard and Shining).
- Correction in the alignment of the box when changing size or when turning the screen would be deallocated. Add new bar colors Brown, Purple, Turquoise, PinkLight, BlueSky.
- Now it works with auto-width, it is necessary to remove the width and leave it blank to work.


You can easily create with several options.

<lv:GroupBox Width="350" ColorUI="Red">
<lv:ContentBox Title="Thinking outside the box">
<StackLayout> </StackLayout>

This example shows two ways to use GroupBox, in addition to merging CheckBox and ChoiceImage.
The images are inside android project Resources/drawable.


Available in pdf

Documentation download