EmailBox (Validation)

Text box for email with automatic validation.


You can enter a Label to show errors in field validation, which automatically changes text, border and background color when there is an error facilitating interaction with the user.

<lv:EmailBox x:Name="txtEmail" Padding="2" Placeholder="Email" FontType="Bold" BackgroundColor="White" IsReadOnly="True" EmailColorError="Yellow" CanEmpty="False" BorderColorError="Red" BackgroundColorError="Salmon" EmailColor="Orange" ValidationType="WhenLoseFocus" ChangeMessageLabel="False" LabelMessageError="{Reference errorMail}"/>

<Label: x:Name="errorMail" FontSize="Micro" Margin="4" Text="Verify email, is oncorrect." HorizontalOptions="FillAndExpand" VerticalOptions="StartAndExpand" TextColor="Red"/>

If use Form:
If used together with the form it is possible to enable the (submit) button only if the fields are valid, improving and much usability.



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