Choice Word

Scroll group text for selection - Segment Control.

About Current Version 1.8

- Added new property "VivacitySpeed", added new Vivacity "Left".

About Previous Version

- Add new Vivacity "Down".
- Add new Vivacity "Rotation".
- Add new Vivacity "Jump".
- Add new Properties "Vivacity" an "Depth".
- Add new Property "InitialValueChosen" to set a preselected item.
- Fix on some properties by changing part of the Unchosen name to UnChosen, maintaining a standardization in the nomenclature.
- Add new Property "InitialIndexChosen" to set a preselected item.
- New "WidthItems" and "SpaceBetween" properties allow you to easily create a SegmentControl.
- New field "IndexChosen".
- Various fixes in properties BorderWidth, BorderColorChosen, BorderColorUnChosen and BorderRadius, HeightItems now all are working.


You can easily create a selection sequence with several options.

<lvc:ChoiceWord x:Name="choiceXamlType" OrientationChoice="Horizontal" Height="50" HeightItems="50" FontSize="12" MarginLeftItems="10" MarginRightItems="10" TextColorChosen="Accent" TextColorUnchosen="Black" BackgroundColorChosen="Yellow" BackgroundColorUnchosen="LightGray" Margin="15,0,15,0" >
<lvc:ChoiceWordItem Text="The Doctor" Value="1" /> <lvc:ChoiceWordItem Text="Rose Tyler" Value="2" /> <lvc:ChoiceWordItem Text="Clara Oswald" Value="3" /> <lvc:ChoiceWordItem Text="Amy Pond" Value="4" /> <lvc:ChoiceWordItem Text="River Song" Value="5" /> <lvc:ChoiceWordItem Text="Dalek" Value="6" /> <lvc:ChoiceWordItem Text="Cyberman" Value="7" /> <lvc:ChoiceWordItem Text="Sontanran" Value="8" /> <lvc:ChoiceWordItem Text="Dravos" Value="9" /> </lvc:ChoiceWord >

This example use vertical and horizontal alignment, in addition to merging SwapImage.
The images are inside android project Resources/drawable.


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