Button Italic

An incredible button.

About Current Version 1.9.0

- Added new ColorUI "Transparent", "Aqua", "Tan", "GreenDarkness", "BlueViolet", property "VivacitySpeed", new Vivacity "Down".

About Current Previous Version

- Added new ColorUI "GreenDark" and "BlueDark".

- Added new ColorUI "OrangeLight" and "YellowDark".
- Added new Vivacity "Rotation".

- Add new ShadowPosition "Left".
- Add new Property "ShadowPosition" which define a shadow position Bottom, BottomRight, Right, None (Default).
- Add new Vivacity "Jump".
- Add new properties "Vivacity" to set animation chosen and "Depth" to set the of the size of the "Vivacity" movement.
- Add new Depth "LessMedium" and precision correction of "Medium" and "Large".


Contains several properties ColorUI, TextColor, BorderColor, FontZise.

<lv:ButtonItalic Text="Italic" FontSize="45" ColorUI="Green" BorderColor="Red" TextColor="White" Touched="btn_Touched" />

The images are inside android project Resources/drawable.


Available in pdf

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