Button Image

An easy to create an image button with or without text.

About Current Version 1.3

- Add new AnimationType ToBottomReturnMedium.

About Previous Version

- Error correction when the IsReadOnly property is bound before the AnimationType.
- Add new AnimationType ToBottomReturnSmall.


An easy and practical button image. You can add text automatically and use ready-made animations, you just have to choose.
Contains several properties ColorUI, Width, Height, TextColor, FontType (None, Italic, Bold), FontFamily, FontZise and anothers.

<lvButtonImage x:Name="btnEdison" Margin="15,10,15,0" Image="lamp.png" AnimationType="DecreaseMedium" Width="65" Height="75" Clicked="btnEdison_Clicked" />

The images are inside android project Resources/drawable.


Available in pdf

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