An easy accordion (navigation) with a unique and beautiful design.

About Current Version 2.3.0

- Added new DesignType "Filled".

About Previous Version

- Added new DesignType "Scratches".

- Added new DesignType "Fit".
- Added new Properties BorderContentColor and ContentColor.
- Add new Colors BlueDark and GreenDark.
- Add new Colors OrangeLight and YellowDark.
- Add new property HeightBarTitle.
- Add new Colors RedLight And GrayLight.
- The DesignType "Shining" is now in High Definition. - Correction of drawing in the DesignType "Standard".
- Add new property DesignType with items (Standard and Shining).
- Add new colors (BlueSky, PinkLight) in ColorUI(BarTitle).
- Add new colors (Brown, Purple, Turquoise) in ColorUI(BarTitle).


This example contains two accordions, one with data created in xaml and another created in code behind. Is merged with Button Image.
The images are inside android project Resources/drawable.


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