Tools for Developers (Xamarin, JavaScript, netstandard, Java) to increase productivity and increase value to projects


A beautiful touch with incredible usability in many colors and styles. Several properties:



List for displaying items with manual or auto height, with options to use in CodeBehind or xaml.


An easy accordion or content selection (navigation) with a unique and beautiful design.


The Flying Box brings dynamism to the application, a kind of popup located on top of content.

Developed by a single person without any funding and working from home. I hope it may be making it easier to build new applications. If you have any errors or requests, please contact me.

Created and maintained by Fernando Candido

This video shows the Laavor Xamarin package available when monetized with investor, not yet available for sale,
with news and improvements as well as fixes like the old Divider now Tabs
that have changes that fix several things that don't work on the prototype.

Here are several sample Apps videos with components, some not yet usable